We Stake Our Reputation on Quality

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Quality is More Than a Certification

Every employee at Bamar is focused on one thing: producing the best possible product for you as our customer. Quality is more than a certification and it’s more than a department. Quality is a mindset and at Bamar, quality is EVERYBODY’S business.

It’s in the materials we use, and in the tools we maintain. It’s in the way we package the parts before we send them your way. We pay attention to detail, and we do things right. As employees, we stake our own reputation on Bamar quality with every shipment that goes through the door.

It’s in the way we look at every part we produce. At Bamar, we look at our product from the consumer viewpoint and ask ourselves: would I buy this product if these parts were in it? We’re proud to say “YES!”

Our Partnerships Showcase Our Expertise

Our Customers Include:

  • Tier I automotive suppliers
  • medical industry
  • sensor industry
  • military (Cage Code: 4PKC6)
  • aerospace
  • lens industry
  • electronics industry
  • RV industry
  • Furniture
  • Plumbing bobbins

Our precision, care, quality, and cleanliness are all major factors in keeping these partnerships. We encourage our partners to tour our facilities anytime to see our attention to detail in action.

Our State of the Art Vision System

We invested in this invaluable tool to maintain the best accuracy and precision in dimensional checks and to improve efficiency.

Why we use a Vision System:

  • Higher quality & Inventory control—Inspection, measurement, gauging, & assembly verification; Optical character recognition & identification up to 99 parts at a time
  • Increased productivity & Production flexibility—Automation of repetitive tasks
  • Lower production costs & Capital equipment costs; Aids early flaw detection
  • Reduced machine downtime & Setup time—Change-overs programmed in advance
  • More complete information & Tighter process control—Computer data feedback aids in our ongoing statistical analysis
  • Scrap rate reduction—Inspection, measurement, and gauging all benefit from better accuracy, dimensioning, and tolerancing Quality/Capabilities Page

Our Tool Shop

Our tool maintenance program boasts 2-lifetime journeyman tool people on staff to perform Class A preventative maintenance and repairs needed in-house.

Our Class A Preventative maintenance program keeps customers updated and informed on any and all maintenance on their tools—we keep you informed so that you know when your tool warranties are close to being up, and we have a plan in place to keep them at optimum condition.

Mold Classifications run from Class I, best quality for high production, to Class V for the most economical prototyping.

Our Mobile Gauging Cart

At Bamar, we’ve developed an invaluable proprietary tool for maintaining our low prices and our high-quality standards—the Mobile Gauging Cart.

Allows us to:

  • Check parts for quality right at the press
  • Immediate transfers to the quality department
  • Maintain incredible agility in the production environment


  • LED light with multiple settings
  • Ergonomic, rubberized work surface
  • Lockable File holders for process sheets, press information, and customer charts and Storage cubbies for small parts
  • Large battery backup and Timers for proper parts cooling
  • American made product

Our certifications

  • ISO9001:2015 Registered to provide APQP, SQC, and PPAP services
  • Women-Owned Business
  • Indiana Manufacturers Association Member
  • TS16949 Compliant
  • AS9100 Compliant
  • Tier II OEM supplier to Tier I Companies (Honda, GM, Ford, Chrysler, & Toyota)