A quality Tool is the key to quality parts



A Quality Tool

The Key to Quality Parts

The quality of the tool determines the quality of the part.  That’s why Bamar maintains an in-house tool room with a staff of highly skilled moldmakers.

Mold classifications run from Class I (1 million cycles or more; best-quality materials and workmanship for extremely high production) to Class V (500 cycles or less; most economical construction for parts prototyping) Our Class I molds for standard thermoplastic materials are guaranteed to be free of maintenance costs for the first one million cycles.

When time is tight, can you really afford to pull your mold from the plant floor and send it out for maintenance?  The delays and expense involved can have a major impact on the cost of your job.  That’s why you should make Bamar your manufacturing partner.  We have everything you need to insure on-time production of quality plastic parts at the best price – and it’s all under one roof.

  • Prototype/ Short Run Tooling
  • Insert Cavities
  • M.U.D. Units
  • Mutli-Cavity Tooling
  • Hot Runner Tools

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