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When choosing from the many injection molding companies for your project, there are several characteristics in a molder including experience in engineering, tool design and prototyping, molding, quality procedures, automation, and customer responsiveness to consider.  Bamar Plastics excels in all of these areas.  



Bamar Plastics engineering group operates as an extension of your business. We will partner with you to assist in any design issues with the part or the tool to aid in the best approach for your project.  Our engineers and tool makers have vast experience with designing molds for a variety of industries and different types of parts.  Our early involvement in your project reduces instances of trial and error.  We will work with you to successfully accomplish your goals.


Tool Design and Prototyping

Bamar Plastics is an injection molder with an in-house tool shop that has extensive experience with full size molds and insert cavities produced for a wide array of industries.  We can provide you with a prototype, a full size mold or an insert cavity, and hot or cold runner tools that will meet your desired specifications.  Bamar also provides quick response on engineering changes, and fully maintains your tools with an in-house tooling preventive maintenance program.



Injection molding companies are only as good as the experienced personnel which they employ.  Bamar Plastics has a tenured, experienced staff with extensive knowledge in molding, and employs process technicians that can hone the process, and solve any potential issues before they arise.  


Quality Procedures

Injection molders have rigorous quality procedures and practices to adhere to in order to satisfy requirements in industries with the strictest of quality requirements.  Bamar Plastics is registered to ISO9001:2008, and is compliant to ISO/TS16949 to satisfy the automotive industry, and AS9100 to satisfy the highest level of quality required in an industry such as aviation.  We routinely review all processes for effectiveness and improvement, always keeping the main goal of total customer satisfaction at the fore front.  

Bamar Plastics is an injection molder that is a respected supplier to a variety of industries including automotive, consumer electronics, aviation and government/military.  Our Quality Procedures drive continual improvement through the entire organization, and is enforced from top management down.  



Automation in injection molding minimizes hands on involvement, resulting in improved consistency, product quality and ultimately the best value for the customer.  Bamar Plastics utilizes automation such as a vacuum conveying systems, process monitoring equipment, conveyors and an ERP system with real time inventory counts, providing complete lot number traceability.


Customer Responsiveness

Bamar Plastics is more than just an injection molding company.  We are a company that partners with our customers as we become an integral part of your supply chain.  We will provide immediate action to your concerns. You always get a live person answering our phone.  


Why Bamar Plastics

Bamar Plastics has the expertise required for some of the most challenging precision custom molded parts.  We have the background and expertise in engineering, tooling, molding and, most importantly, customer responsiveness, leading to total customer satisfaction.

If you are looking for injection molding, contact Bamar Plastics today to see how we can assist you with your precision injection molded project needs.  We look forward to partnering with you from the very beginning to see your project through successfully.


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