Quality parts…. delivered on time…. at a competitive price……

Injection molding



Quality parts…. delivered on time…. at a competitive price……

It’s what you are looking for. It is our focus!
Whether you need a few dozen prototype parts or millions of production parts, Bamar Plastics will deliver!

We are Customer driven!

Featuring presses ranging from 22 to 220 tons, we specialize in highly detailed, precision components injection molded from a wide range of engineering and commodity thermoplastic resins. (see Engineering page for a list of materials). Vertical clamping rotary table presses up to 220 tons provide insert molding capabilities, enhancing our ability to meet Customers' needs.

Our computer monitored molding processes improve plant performance while reducing costs by improving cycle time, and utilization rate. Process monitoring supplemented by automated parts/runner separators and a vacuum material handling system support lean, lights-out operations. In-house tooling facilities allow us to maintain and service your tooling, optimizing mold life and saving you money.

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